To the Root of Dental Implants

Dental ImplantsSome people are decidedly self-centered while others put everyone in their lives ahead of themselves. When it comes to losing permanent teeth or dealing with other dental issues that affect your appearance, you might even concern yourself with the needs of your family before thinking of your own cosmetic desires. Unfortunately, self-esteem issues and even depression can occur as a result of sporting a smile that is missing permanent teeth. This may not only embarrass and effect you, but also those who love and support you. For that reason, if you do have big gaping holes in your smile, consider dental implants.

The Importance of Tooth Roots

When you lose a tooth, or multiple teeth, your body becomes very efficient. Since there are limited nutrients in your body, and they are allotted based on necessity, when a part of your body is gone, those compounds are redistributed. When there are no tooth roots to accept vitamins and minerals, what was reserved for that part of your body is triaged to the next spot in need. Your jawbone relies on calcium and phosphorus to remain healthy and dense. Without these nutrients, the bone tissues begin to dissolve. Losing more teeth can become highly likely if you don’t replace your missing teeth. In essence, a solid tooth replacement such as dental implants is a strong investment in your future dental health, because the longer you wait, the bigger your dental issues are likely to become.

As Good as New

If thoughts of inserting a metal post into your gum tissues and jawbone give you the unpleasant chills, you should take a look at the bigger picture. Dental implants are the best possible way to replace your missing teeth, especially if you wish to avoid future tooth loss. The titanium posts of implants are completely biocompatible. This means your body will come to accept your implants as a natural tooth root. Once bone tissues bond with the posts, dental implants are securely anchored and ready for customized dental crowns. Porcelain dental implant crowns are fabricated with high quality materials to provide you with a natural look and feel to your newly renovated grin.


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