Thanksgiving Foods That Help Your Teeth!

thanksgiving foods that help your teethIt’s generally understood that the more you eat and drink, the more you expose your teeth to substances that could stain them, or cause them harm. Knowing this, it might come as no surprise that Thanksgiving and the holiday season, whose celebrations typically revolve around feasting, can pose an especially high risk. Fortunately, not everything you consume is a threat. In fact, many foods and beverages can help boost your dental health by fortifying your teeth. Even better news: many of the foods that help your teeth are also common staples of a typical Thanksgiving dinner!

Your Teeth Will Thank You For…


As the main course, and cornerstone, of most Thanksgiving dinners, it’s good to know that turkey contains a wealth of nutrients that help feed your teeth and the enamel that protects them. Among those nutrients are the minerals calcium and phosphorous, which your teeth utilize to maintain their protective enamel.


The plaque that forms on your teeth is mainly a byproduct of oral bacteria, which produce the film to protect themselves from saliva. According to research, compounds found in cranberries help inhibit plaque formation by blocking enzymes in oral bacteria—particularly the ones that are known to cause cavities.


Also chock full of calcium and other tooth-essential minerals, cheese and dairy products are well-known for their ability to help strengthen teeth and tooth enamel. Cheese is especially beneficial because of its unique texture, which allows it remain on your teeth a bit longer.


Though wine has a high potential to stain your teeth (most notably red wine), it also contains ingredients that make it a potent antibacterial agent. For instance, the polyphenols in red wine help further inhibit the growth and spread of cavity causing bacteria.


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