Quiz: What Kind Of Dentures Do We Offer?

Losing a tooth can mean an embarrassing gap in your smile. Losing multiple teeth can mean larger gaps, as well as poor overall oral health. Fortunately, we have dental prosthetics to address tooth loss, whether minor or advanced. What kind of dentures do we offer patients with tooth loss?

Try Our Quiz on Dentures

  1. True or False: Partials can address advanced tooth loss.
  2. True or False: We can replace every tooth with a complete denture.
  3. True or False: They can also be secured with dental implants.
  4. True or False: We can offer teeth in a day.

Answer Key

  1. True. A partial is held in place with metal clasps that attach to the natural teeth. These clasps anchor in the replacement teeth, which are designed using lifelike and durable materials. We can then replace multiple missing teeth, even if they are spread out across the arch.
  2. True. A complete denture contains a full row of teeth with an acrylic base designed to mimic the appearance of the gums. We can replace every tooth on one or both arches and the prosthetic will be held in place with natural suction.
  3. True. Instead of relying on suction or metal clasps, we can instead insert a series of dental implants. Once the placement area heals, we will attach the custom-made denture. The new teeth with be fixed in place, never slipping when patients eat or speak.
  4. True. For some patients, we may be able to place the implants and the denture in the same day, offering a complete smile in one visit. We will of course need to assess any underlying issues, such as gum disease or loss of jawbone density before proceeding.


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