Exciting Research Strides for Patients with Lost Teeth or Jaw Disfigurement

Older Couple HuggingSevere gum disease (periodontitis) is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. When teeth became loose in the past, there was little we could hope to do to stop them from eventually coming out. Meanwhile, jawbone depletion means facial structure begins to collapse upon itself. People with mandibular cancer have a similar battle at hand with the disfigurement to the face which often occurs as a part of the disease. Rolling Meadows cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent A. Engelberg is thrilled to see science studying these issues, and arriving at some exciting potential solutions.

New Scientific Strides

The invention designed to help people who suffer from loose teeth and damaged mandibles involves a foam-rubber based sort of scaffolding. This provides a beginning point for new bone tissue to generate. Damaged bone fragments have the ability to fuse back together when kept in close contact. Unfortunately, blood around the fracture pools and calcifies, which can make proper fusing impossible. With the new method, coagulated blood is populated with cells which help keep the connective tissues as a viable growth platform. Functional bone and new blood vessels keep a steady flow of nutrients and oxygen for optimal jaw health and a full, healthy look to your face.

Stopping Facial Collapse with Dental Implants

Facial collapse is a real issue with patients who lose permanent teeth and choose not to replace them with dental implants. Currently, implant retained dentures are the only sure-fire method for keeping your jawbone healthy and dense. Dr. Engelberg has provided many people with amazing results through the implantation of titanium rods into jawbone, followed by attachment of attractive, high-quality dental crowns. If you are interested in learning more about dental implants, schedule a consultation and we can discern whether or not your are a viable candidate for this procedure.

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