Dental Crowns with Meticulous Care

BleachorexicDentists have a responsibility to their patients to share the skills they have developed through education and experience to provide quality dental treatments. When procedures are not done with care, what was supposed to be restorative work can actually be degenerative in terms of your dental health. This can consume your life, and possibly even effect your career. A public example was country singer LeAnn Rimes, who claimed that she was the victim of faulty dental crowns. She even sued the dentist responsible for the bad dental work.

Country Star Sings the Blues

According to court documents, LeAnn Rimes sued on the basis that her chosen dentist’s poor work stalled her career path, forcing her to cancel tour dates to take time for dental surgery. The singer sought monetary compensation due to earnings she lost out on because of the physical and emotional pain caused by her dental issues. Her dental troubles were reported to have spanned three years. Severe tooth pain, chronic bleeding of the gingival tissues, and inflamed gums where among the symptoms Ms. Rimes cited in the lawsuit as a result of what she claims was faulty crown placement.

Dental Crowns

The first step to avoiding an issue like the one LeAnn Rimes is suing over is to choose a dentist that you trust, with a proven track record. Teeth that are severely damaged and cannot be repaired with a filling may require a dental crown, but it’s most important that the bacteria are completely cleaned out before a crown is placed. Material covers the entire part of the tooth that shows above the gum line, providing aesthetics, strength, and function. Worn-down teeth, teeth with extensive decay, and fractured teeth can all be made to look better and feel stronger with dental crowns. In cases like the one mentioned above, crowns are sometimes used for cosmetic reasons


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