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Are You Ready For Invisalign Orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatment allows a dentist to improve the alignment of your teeth, correcting crooked teeth or crowding. Undergoing treatment can offer a host of benefits for both your appearance and your oral health. If you assume that metal braces are the only option for obtaining an even smile, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Are… Read more »

Up For A Promotion? Smile!

When you’re a professional, your smile can affect your success in the work place. Without a bright, white, nicely aligned, confident smile, you may have trouble competing with others. A smile gives an impression of warmth, friendliness, and team work. Not smiling makes you seem closed off and difficult. However, traditional metal braces pose a… Read more »

Like Magic: Invisible Braces

Back in the late 1950s, stainless steel was introduced as the go-to material for bracket-and-wire braces. Several grumbling generations have gone through adolescence sporting the ever-awkward tin grin. In more recent years, clear and color options for the various parts of braces (from rubber bands to the brackets themselves) have become widely available. Regardless, for… Read more »

Crooked Teeth and Clear Braces: Invisalign® for Adults

You might see braces on children more often than you do on adults, but that doesn’t mean crooked teeth only affects the young. If you never addressed your malocclusion in childhood, chances are your teeth didn’t straighten themselves over time. Even if they were straight throughout your teens, your permanent teeth can become crooked in… Read more »