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Rolling Meadows Cosmetic Dentist: The Importance of Gorgeous Teeth

While dental care costs money, there is a social cost of going without dental care. There is even a chance that having missing teeth might lower your income. Research led by Daniel Hamermesh (professor of economics at the University of Texas) found that better looking people had 5 to 10 percent more income, on average,… Read more »

Libertyville Dentist Explains Ways Your Teeth Can Make You Look Younger

Embracing the aging process is a part of life. We can’t hold onto our youth forever. There are certain natural processes the body goes through that we cannot fight. Still, there are simple things that we can do with our appearance to prevent looking older. Some of these procedures include cosmetic and restorative dental work…. Read more »

Deerfield Cosmetic Dentist Explains Immediate Dental Implants

Have you ever heard of “teeth in a day?” Another commonly heard procedural term is “all-in-four” teeth replacements. For people that are embarrassed by the look of missing teeth, the idea of immediate results is very attractive. This is also an alluring concept for people with deep anxiety over going to the dentist. Thoughts of… Read more »