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Vernon Hills Dentist Explains Baking Soda as a Mild Teeth Whitener

Your dentist might advise you to stay away from too many cookies, cakes, and even breads. These high sugar/high carbohydrate edible treats can contribute to a battle with tooth decay. However, there is one ingredient in most baked goods that can actually add a small amount of shine to a dull, yellow, stained smile: baking… Read more »

Northbrook Cosmetic Dentist Explains Advantages of Dental Bonding

Many people put off even getting a consultation for cosmetic dental work because they assume that the procedures necessary will be too invasive and time consuming. However, if discoloration, chips, crooked, or misshapen teeth are your issue, you may be a great candidate for a relatively conservative, but very effective procedure called cosmetic dental bonding…. Read more »

Fast Cosmetic Dental Procedures: Porcelain Veneers

We really do live in a fast-paced, fast food, short-on-time society. People work long hours, take little time off, and want everything they want as quickly as possible. With dental work, patience is sometimes a necessity, as a fast-food pace and price is going to get you fast-food results. This means that your dental work… Read more »