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Which Teeth Whitening Treatment Is Right For You?

We know that a bright smile is preferable to one dulled by brown or yellow discoloration. To help remove teeth stains we have two different teeth whitening options, at-home and in-office. Which teeth whitening treatment is right for you? How do you keep your smile bright following treatment?

How Do Clear Aligners Correct Misalignment?

Just a few years ago, addressing our uneven teeth meant receiving metal orthodontics. Now, we’re happy to provide our patients with a clear and comfortable alternative. How do clear aligners correct misalignment? What can I expect from Invisalign? Can anyone enjoy orthodontic treatment with a set of clear plastic aligners?

Quiz: Can Your Dentist Help Remove Wrinkles?

When you think of cosmetic treatments from the dentist, you probably imagine veneers, whitening, or maybe bonding. But we can address more than just your teeth. Using a variety of treatments, we can now address wrinkles, lines, and other signs of aging. Do you need Botox or a dermal filler? How do these procedures work?

Should You Consider A Complete Smile Makeover?

When a patient avoids the dentist for a significant amount of time, cosmetic issues can pile up, leading to problems with the color, shape, and even alignment of the teeth. Fortunately, to address serious esthetic concerns, we can recommend a complete smile makeover. The makeover involves using a combination of treatments to improve the smile,… Read more »