How Do I Treat Bad Breath?

Nothing can put a damper on your social life quite like halitosis. But what can you do to stop bad breath? Often, this issue is related to our oral hygiene. Taking better care of our smiles can help us avoid the onset of bad breath. We’re looking at a few simple steps you can take to remain free of halitosis.


Quiz: What Kind Of Dentures Do We Offer?

Losing a tooth can mean an embarrassing gap in your smile. Losing multiple teeth can mean larger gaps, as well as poor overall oral health. Fortunately, we have dental prosthetics to address tooth loss, whether minor or advanced. What kind of dentures do we offer patients with tooth loss?


What Should You Expect From A Checkup And Cleaning?

Open mouth of woman during checking teeth

People often see us when they begin to experience the symptoms of a problem, such as when a tooth aches. However, by seeing us for their recommended routine dental visits, they may be able to avoid discomfort, as well as the onset of common oral health concerns. What should you expect from a checkup and cleaning? When should you undergo these preventive procedures?